HBLF SHOW (Jaipur)
05 – 07, July, 2024

  1. The Exhibition Space Booking Form Should be duly filled and signed by an authorized person along with the company seal. Approval of participation and exhibits will be the sole discretion of the organizers.
  2. Organizers’ Rights:
    • In the event of violation of any rules, organizers will have the right to close down the stall of the exhibitor and risk the party to exit from the show.
    • The Organizers reserve the right to change the venue and date of the exhibition in case of unavoidable circumstances without prior notice.
    • The Organizers reserve the right to rearrange the floor plan or any part thereof at any point of time without prior notice.
  3. Payment Terms:
    • All Payments for participation must be made to Kevin Publication Private Limited
    • Exhibitors will get Certificate of participation for the stall space only after 100% advance payment is made.
  4. Stall Designing:
    • The height of the stall should not be more than 11 feet. All stall owners will be required to get their designs approved by Kevin Publication Pvt. Ltd.
    • Exhibitors are free to appoint their own exhibition stall construction contractor but should ensure that their contractor complies with the rules and regulation of the exhibition.
    • Stall designers will be required to pay Demand Draft / Cheque in the form of deposit before taking the possession of the stall.
      Rs. 25,000 Upto 50 Sq. mtrs Stall
      Rs. 50,000 Upto 100 Sq. mtrs Stall
      The Above amount will be refunded after the Completion of Exhibition
    • Exhibitors will be required to finish designing of their stalls along with product displays from 2ndJuly at 08.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M. on 4 thJuly, 2024. During the construction and dismantling period, aisles in the exhibition halls must not be obstructed with packing materials, construction materials or debris.
    • If the Fabrication of stall is continued on After 4.00 P.M. 4 thJuly, 2024 the deposit will not be refunded.
  5. Possession of Space:
    • Possession will be given after 08:00 am on 2 ndJuly, 2024 to Bare Space Holders the possession. Octanorm stalls Holders will be handed over only after 10:00 pm on 4 rdJuly, 2024.
    • The possession of stall will be handed over only if the organizers have received full payments. Organizers will provide a possession letter to all the exhibitors. It will be mandatory for all exhibitors to be present at the time of taking possession.
  6. Operation of Stalls:
    • No Product rates / Prices will be display in exhibition. If organisor team finds it then your stall will be terminated without any refund.
    • All stalls must open at least half an hour before the exhibition and shall remain open till half an hour after exhibition timings on each day.
    • No stall should remain unattended during the exhibition hours. Organizers will not be responsible for any loss / damage to the exhibitors in absence of any authorized personnel of the exhibitor.
    • Exhibitors need to ensure that the exhibition area occupied is neat and clean and any storage material is not stored inside the exhibition area. The Organizers will not provide any storage facilities for packing cases, surplus materials or other property of the Exhibitor.
  7. Stall Handover:
    • Stall will have to be vacant latest by 5.00 A.M. on 30th January, 2024.
    • If the stall area is not vacanted after 5.00 A.M. on 08thJuly, 2024 the deposit will not be refunded and is been count as Penalty fees.
  8. Insurance:
    • The exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages and claims to the exhibitor's displays, equipment and other property brought into the premises of the exhibition area and shall indemnify and hold harmless the organizers as well as the owners of the exhibition venue and their agents and employees.
    • The exhibitors will be required to take an Insurance against all ascertainable risks from transportation of goods and removal of goods.
    • Exhibitors are also advised to take third party cover for construction period, fair period and dismantling period against any risk and liabilities.
    • Organizer will not be responsible for any claim.
  9. Service Agencies:
    • Service agencies like security, cleaning, catering etc. empaneled with organizers will only be allowed to provide services to exhibitors.
    • Other agencies will not be allowed to enter/operate in the exhibition.
  10. Other services and facilities:
    • The participation charges for rental of stall space for the exhibition days (Only For Octonorm Stall) covers 2 chairs, carpet, 1 table, 1 dustbin, 5 AMP Plug Socket & 3 Spot Light per 9 Sq. mtr.
    • Additional requirement such as special electric connection, lighting and additional furniture can be made available to the exhibitors at an additional cost with advance request and payments.
    • The exhibitors will be required to inform the organizers for the above by 20 thJune, 2024 by a written confirmation or an email to the organizers.
    • The charges for the above shall also be paid by the concerned exhibitor.
    • No separate storage facilities shall be provided. All supporters are required to make their own arrangement towards the same.
  11. Entry/Exit:
    • Entry into exhibition will be on the basis of Entry Passes issued by the organizer.
    • Entry of vehicles in exhibition area will not be permitted during exhibition hours and other hours specified separately.
    • Exit passes will be necessary for exhibits / materials to be taken out of Exhibition Ground.
  12. Cancellation of Stall:
    • On Cancellation of the Stall, Amount will not be refunded to the Exhibitor; it will remain credited with us after deducting Cancellation Fees and carried forward to the Next Exhibition.
    • The cancellation fees will be deducted on the basis of the date as follows
      On or before 5thMay, 2024 25 % + GST
      On or before 5thJune, 2024 50 % + GST
  13. Disputes:
    • Disputes, if any, arising out of unresolved matters between exhibitor and organizer shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996.
    • All legal disputes are subject to Ahmedabad Jurisdiction.